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Water and Environment Technologies Company is among the top 15 desalination suppliers in the world. Established in 1990, WETICO is involved in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of water, sewage and wastewater treatment plants and desalination facilities, as well as manufacturing water chemicals. The Company has rapidly increased its share of the wastewater treatment plant market while maintaining a stronghold on the reverse osmosis segment. In 2009, WETICO was recognized globally for its barge-based desalination project.

A Message from Our President

At WETICO we are proud of our past achievements and our ability to respond to the market and clients’ requirements in delivering quality services and sustainable solutions in the water and wastewater sectors. What makes us different is the quality and commitment of our people.
Our people are the foundation of our success and through their efforts, we have built our business from small and humble beginnings to its position today.
Our Vision is to be the premier environment solutions provider in the Middle East & North Africa, adding value to customers and society by leading technology and process innovation. 

Over the previous years we have outperformed the competition by delivering quality services to meet client requirements. In parallel we have always looked ahead to improve our performance through research and development of new technologies. We are moving forward into a period of change in terms of the utilization of resources. We embrace the idea of the circular economy where the efficient use and reuse of resources will be of paramount importance to produce truly sustainable solutions for water and wastewater. We will also face the challenge of improving energy efficiency in the production of water and we strive to meet this requirement by using new technologies and partnering with process providers. We are also acutely aware of our position as responsible corporate citizens and we will continue; to be committed to working to the highest ethical standards, minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment, and most importantly working safely. Water is the World’s most valuable and precious resource, it enables life to flourish and WETICO provides safe and sustainable solutions in providing water to our clients. Join us on our journey to do so.

Welcome to the WETICO family.
Mohamed Hemeida


“To be the premier environment solutions provider in the Middle East & North Africa, adding value to customers & society by leading technology and process innovation”




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