WETICO produces its own specialty chemicals under the ‘berko’ brand name and provides a wide range of products and services to our clients. These products and services are focused around providing our clients with environmentally friendly and cost-effective chemical treatment solutions.

WETICO has the Aramco approval under 9com number 6000001807 to produce scale inhibitors for Water Systems.

Our team of field service engineers and chemists will visit client’s sites to conduct a thorough survey and take water samples for testing at our Riyadh laboratory. Based on the detailed water analysis our field service engineer will recommend a treatment scheme to the client. WETICO’s team will supervise, monitor, and report the progress of the implementation until the process stabilizes and reaches its target results.

Reverse Osmosis Plant / Water Treatment Plant

Antiscalant, Remineralization, Coagulant, Filtration aids, Disinfectant, Neutralizer, Cleaning chemicals

Boiler System

Corrosion inhibitor, Scale control, Sludge conditioner, Steam treatment, Alkalinity builder, cleaning chemicals

Cooling Tower

(Open cooling) – Corrosion and scale inhibitor, Dispersing agent, Non oxidizing biocide, Non oxidizing algaecide, Oxidizing algaecide and biocide, Cleaning chemicals

Chilled Water System

 (Closed cooling) – Corrosion and scale inhibitor, Non oxidizing biocide, Cleaning chemicals

Hot Water System

Corrosion and scale inhibitor, cleaning chemicals

Domestic and Drinking water Corrosion and scale inhibitor, Disinfectant, Red water control, leaning chemicals, Sterilization

Wastewater/ Irrigation Water

Odour control, Disinfectant, Coagulant, and Filtration aids

SPECIALTY: Food & Beverage, Laundry

In addition, WETICO supplies a wide range of products and services to our clients in the Food & Beverage and Laundry sector.

 Fabric care

Prewash/main wash Detergents, Alkali, Emulsifier, Bleach & De-strainer, Fabric softener / conditioner, Sour / Neutralizer, Wash programs –powder, Wash programs – liquid

 Food & Beverage

Dairy plants, Food processing plant, Beverage industries, Agriculture industries, Poultry hygiene

 Room care

Hard surface cleaner, Glass cleaner, Hand hygiene, Hand sanitizer, Hand soap

General-purpose All-purpose cleaner, Degrease, Sanitizer, Manual dish wash.

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