OIL MODULAR SKIDS  The Oil Modular Skid is a system process skid designed to control and regulate the flow of oil coming from the oil wellhead. It consists of many sub-items with deferent process targets such as multi-Phase flowmeter, Chock valve, RTU, Sampling system and valves. The whole system is placed on a skid where the tie ends are connected at site with minimum tolerance allowed. WETICO’s follows all related ARAMCO standards and specifications to design, engineer, procure, fabricate, test, commission inspect, pack and deliver the skids to Aramco sites according to the inspection and test plans and considering all the sup-components inspections and quality as well.
GAS MODULAR SKIDS  The Gas Modular Skid design that includes four (4) different skid types (E&I Skid, Piping Skid, Annuli Raiser Skid and OPTF Skid) combined to form one GMS, is done in-house completely and as per Aramco standards and specifications. The Gas Modular Skid operates at a very high pressure and installed at Gas Wellhead to control and regulate the high-pressure gas stream. The system mainly consists of Choke Valves, HIPPS, WSD Panels, ESD/RTU Panels, Fire/ Gas Detectors and Chemical Injection Units. The complete integrated Gas Modular Skid unit is designed, Fabrication, installed, Supplied, tested, and Commissioned in WETICO according to API 6A code. SIL 3 certification is provided for safety instruments.
WETICO Carryover the Design, Fabrication, Supply, Testing and Commissioning of chemical injection units The purpose of injecting the chemicals into a system is to protect the mechanical integrity of the system from accelerated corrosion and prevent scale formation. The aim is also to control hydrate formation, prevent oxygen induced corrosion, emulsion breaker for rapid and sharp separation of water from oil, reduce wax formation, water treatment, Deodorization, foam control.

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