Aljubail Desalination and Power Plant

Replacement of Electro-Chlorination System at Aljubail Desalination and Power Plant. Aljubail.

A unique project to replace and upgrade the existing Electro -Chlorination System at Aljubail Desalination and power plants (one of the largest desalination plants in the Middle East with a capacity of 1,100,000 m3/ day) to generate Sodium Hypochlorite with concentration of 2000 PPM and capacity of 3×80 Kg/h per one intake from a total of 4 intakes, required for the protection from biofouling at the seawater intakes.

The replacement and upgrade to the latest technology of Sodium Hypochlorite generation from the seawater is performed by the electrochemical process providing partial electrolysis of Sodium Chloride, contained in seawater, as it flows through direct current energized anodic and cathodic electrodes.

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