Jeddah 3

Jeddah 3 Jeddah 3 Jeddah 3

The plant consists of 2 Streams; the Capacity of each stream is 120,000.00 m3 / d and comprises a Calcium Hypochlorite Dosing System to disinfect the Product Water prior to transfer to the Jeddah City Storage and Distribution center (9 km away from the plant) where the product Water is re mineralized to meet WHO standards for Potable Water prior to distribution. The Seawater Intake, Electro-chlorination System, Waste Water Treatment, and Firewater System are common to both streams.

Toyobo HFF Membranes are utilized in the 1st Pass, total of 7,232 membranes housed in 3,616 Vessels, whilst 5,932 Toray Spiral Wound membranes housed in 848 RO Vessels are utilized in the 2nd pass. RO Reject water, being environmentally safe, is discharged to the sea via a sea water outfall whereas the dirty backwash water from the gravity filter is collected in a concrete tank and further treated for reuse. A Neutralization system ensures that acidic streams are neutralized prior to discharge whilst an industrial Wastewater treatment plant ensures that industrial wastes are treated and passivated prior to disposal.