In order to increase the overall recovery of the Jeddah Industrial City RO system, a third RO stage will be added. The new addition was designed to have capacity of the second stage reject flow and with the consideration to operate the first two stages alone in case of the third stage is off (e.g. maintenance).

The existing RO system of Jeddah Industrial City consist of two train with two stages each, the first stage in each train contains 30 pressure vessels with 6 (BW30-365 FR) elements each, and the second stage contains 17 pressure vessels with 6 (BW30- 365 FR) elements each.

The new addition consists of 11 pressure vessels 6 (BW30XFR- 400/34i) elements each for each train (22 P.V × 6 elements Total). The entire 22 P.V will be on the same skid. The new elements type (BW30XFR-400/34i) is fouling resistant to deal with the feed water of the third stage (i.e. reject water) which shows higher fouling tendency.