Hana Bottling

Hana Bottling Hana Bottling Hana Bottling

This project is a Brackish Water Treatment Project that uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) system as the main treatment unit to produce the required quantity and quality of water.

The main feature of this plant is remineralization unit which is the addition of the required minerals necessary to make water suitable for drinking purpose in order to fit with all drinking water quality standards.

Remineralization unit is designed to treat the permeate water for a capacity of 400 m3/d. The RO permeate coming from the existing plant is dosed with sodium bicarbonate; calcium chloride & magnesium sulphate to mineralize the RO permeate. The static mixers are used to achieve the required mixing with the dosed chemicals. After remineralization process, the water is passed through cartridge filters and transferred to mineralized water tank.