Asyah Poultry

Asyah Poultry Asyah Poultry Asyah Poultry

Designed for a capacity of 750 m3/ day (average flow). The scheme for wastewater treatment used is Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process.

Generated wastewater from the poultry slaughterhouse is screened through manual bar screen and then lifted from raw wastewater lift station by submersible pumps. Acid & Caustic dosing system are used to adjust pH according to pH of raw wastewater.

Wedge wire screen removes solids from the raw wastewater stream. After Wedge wire-screening wastewater enters into buffer tank that is provided with air diffusers to maintain aseptic (aerobic) conditions and allow mixing of contents.

A pH meter installed at the buffer tank indicates pH of wastewater thus dosing is adjusted accordingly. Polymer & coagulant are dosed before DAF unit to enhance coagulation of solids and ease in removal of suspended solids.