Al Ghat

The GHAT wastewater treatment plant is designed for a capacity of 3500 m3/ day (Average flow). The plant is an extended aeration treatment plant consists mainly of two streams, which produce final effluent water for the reuse. The Plant name refers to the city name (GHAT city) which is located near Qassim city. The plant is owned by the Ministry of Water & Electricity.

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Saudi Paper

Wastewater treatment plant located in the city of Dammam that has a capacity of 9000 m3/day. It is a conventional treatment plant where the suspended solids and biodegradable organic matter are reduced through the treatment steps to an acceptable limit.

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Asyah Poultry

Designed for a capacity of 750 m3/ day (average flow). The scheme for wastewater treatment used is Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process.

Generated wastewater from the poultry slaughterhouse is screened through manual bar screen and then lifted from raw wastewater lift station by submersible pumps. Acid & Caustic dosing system are used to adjust pH according to pH of raw wastewater.

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In order to increase the overall recovery of the Jeddah Industrial City RO system, a third RO stage will be added. The new addition was designed to have capacity of the second stage reject flow and with the consideration to operate the first two stages alone in case of the third stage is off (e.g. maintenance).

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