Sha’s water desalination plant has a production capacity of 12,000 m3/day of portable water.

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The largest offshore desalination plant in the world was developed by a consortium of ACWA Power and RAKA to ease the water shortage in the Western Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. WETICO was awarded the ten month contract to design and build the 52,000 m3/d barge based desalination plant in August of 2007. The overall design took into consideration a lot of variables such as raw water characteristics, product water requirements, barge balance issues, area constraints, power supply restrictions and environmental impact.

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Jeddah 3

The plant consists of 2 Streams; the Capacity of each stream is 120,000.00 m3 / d and comprises a Calcium Hypochlorite Dosing System to disinfect the Product Water prior to transfer to the Jeddah City Storage and Distribution center (9 km away from the plant) where the product Water is re mineralized to meet WHO standards for Potable Water prior to distribution. The Seawater Intake, Electro-chlorination System, Waste Water Treatment, and Firewater System are common to both streams.

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Nestle Qatar

Brackish Water treatment project with capacity of (55 m3/day) for one of the most prestigious companies in the world that produces bottling drinking water. Reverse Osmosis is applied in this project as one of the most effective & modern water treatment technologies.

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Arcelor Mittal

Considered as one of our global projects, located in Kazakhstan for one of the most popular metal companies there. The main target of the plant is to produce permeate water suitable for the power generation purposes (boiler feed water).

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Al Marai

This plant was built for Al-Marai at one of their super farms in the suburbs of Riyadh.

The aim of producing high quality Brackish water at this plant is to meet the exceptional farms standards which are set by Al- Marai specialists.

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This project is a complete package which consists of Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant and Demineralization system for power plant #10 in Riyadh.

The main target of this project is to provide the required water (quality & quantity) for the the power generation

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Hana Bottling

This project is a Brackish Water Treatment Project that uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) system as the main treatment unit to produce the required quantity and quality of water.

The main feature of this plant is remineralization unit which is the addition of the required minerals necessary to make water suitable for drinking purpose in order to fit with all drinking water quality standards.

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WETICO is one of the pioneer companies in Sea Water Desalination in the Middle east. In Rabigh, KSA WETICO is executing a two pass Reverse Osmosis system with a daily desalinated water volume of 7500 m3 to bring down TDS concentration from 43,000 ppm down to less than 50ppm. This is achieved by 2 stage filtration followed by microfiltration stage 2 pass Reverse osmosis units assisted by wide range of chemical treatment and high level automation instrumentations.

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