Analytical Lab Services

WETICO analytical lab services are the starting point for any water or wastewater treatment solution. The laboratory service provides commercial and domestic water suppliers and industrialists with affordable access to a suite of analytical services to test soil, water, fertilizer and microbiological quality. Launched in 1992, the service covered the Gulf Region offering customers a new cost-competitive solution for water and soil testing that goes beyond traditional analysis by recommending expert solutions and providing customized specialty products for specific mediation. Refurbished in 2005, the laboratory expanded its capabilities through an investment of over $1,000,000 U.S.

The state of the art equipment has classified the WETICO analytical lab as one of the most advance water and soil testing facilities in the Gulf Region. Our scientists utilize the in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing, and analytical laboratory facilities in their R & D, to develop leading edge, cost effective products. Our commitment to quality and superior performance calls for routine testing of all products to ensure they maintain the rigorous quality standards which have earned WETICO an enviable reputation and a loyal customer base. Environmentally aware and socially responsible, the WETICO Analytical Lab is committed to serving the planet and community. Commercially, the lab commits its services, equipment, and staff to all clients with the goal of their complete satisfaction.