WETICO’s history is mainly that of Saudi Berkefeld Filter Co Ltd which was and still is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Company is involved in the design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of Water, Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Plants. Saudi Berkefeld was a joint venture between Abunayyan Trading Company and Sterling Berkefeld Filter Germany. This joint venture was established in 1990; although the partnership had been operating for more than 20 years, Berkefeld Filter Co., decided to leave WETICO in 2001, and as a result OSTAR Holdings, a UK based investment and consulting company came in as active equal voting partner with the previous Saudi partner helping to build the company into what it is today. Under OSTAR’s management, WETICO increased revenue more than 10 times in less than a decade and increased the employee number to over 400 from less than 100.

The partnerships products cover Reverse Osmosis Plants for Brackish Water and Sea Water desalination, Softening – Deionizing – Lime Treatment – Sewage and Waste Water Treatment – Filtration and – Ultra Pure Water treatment Plants.

It had been and still remains our aim to build special relationships with our customers ensuring that we produce the plant they want, when they want it and at the agreed price. Our Service Department has worked hard though the years to provide service as well as emergency visits to its clients to minimize their downtime.

Since our conception our target sectors have been Domestics, Clinics, and Laboratories, as well as the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and General Industry clients seeking designed solutions to water problems.

We were always committed, and we remain committed to a policy of continuous improvement in our products, materials and services. This commitment is achieved through a management commitment to Quality at every level within the Company and through building and maintaining a team of engineers and technicians with total focus on customer satisfaction.