Domestic / Municipal Wastewater

Municipal or domestic wastewater is that which is generated from households, Hotels, commercial and institutional Facilities in the urbanized areas. WETICO handles a huge spectrum of Municipal Wastewater Treatment plants that vary in their processes and capacities. These capacities range from 100 to 3 million Capita.

Domestic wastewater treatment is normally associated with sewage, which is characterized by many components most importantly: BOD and Suspended Solids (SS). WETICO’s Sewage Treatment Plants provide very wide ranges, Capacities and Technologies for their applications requiring aerobic, anaerobic or anoxic treatment processes for BOD, SS, Nitrogen and Phosphorous removal.

WETICO municipal scale sewage treatment plants are implemented through:

  • Process and Hydraulic Design
  • Electro-Mechanical Equipment Selection and supply
  • Equipment installation
  • Plant commissioning and operation
  • Supervision

These plants are comprised of all or some parts of the following components:

Primary Treatment equipment:

  • Raw Sewage Pumping Stations (submersible, dry pit, screw, etc)
  • Screens (Coarse, and Fine, Mechanical and/or manual racked)
  • Flow Splitters, Distribution Chambers and Parshall Flume
  • Primary Clarifiers
  • Grit and Grease Removal units

Secondary Treatment equipment

  • Mechanical Surface Aerators (Fixed or Floating), Submerged Aerators, Air Blowers, and submerged Diffusers for Aerobic Basins (Tanks, ditches or Ponds)
  • Anaerobic Basins Attached or non- attached growth
  • Circular or rectangular Secondary Clarifiers (Three, Two Arm and Peripheral Type clarifiers)
  • Trickling media-filters and rotating biological contractors

Sludge Handling and disposal Equipment

  • Sludge Digesters (aerobic and anaerobic)
  • Sludge Dewatering Systems (Drying beds, belt presses, Gravity thickeners, vacuum filters, and screens)
  • Screw pumps, and Sludge conveyors for sludge disposal

Advanced / Tertiary Treatment Units and operations

  • Disinfections (Chlorine Dosing Set, UV filtration)
  • Filtration (Gravity or pressurized single and multimedia filters)