Both types of water treatment systems that are used for the Domestic and Industrial applications are similar in their components. The differences are manly dependant on the capacity of the plant required. WETICO is involved in all types of water treatment applications and processes such as:

The following table will give an idea of the types of uses for each of our Domestic and Industrial Systems.

Household Complexes

Royal Palaces



Food & Beverage

Medical Centers

Although the requirement and standards for the Industrial / Process Water application are different from those required of the Domestic we still find similarities in the treatment as previously mentioned. The main difference between the Industrial / Process Waster and the Domestic is that sometimes the processes require water that is fully demineralized, bacteria free, and / or ultrapure. This can be reached by adding to the sequence of treatment or adjusting it.

If you are interested in learning more about one of our Industrial / Process Water application follow the link to our featured article about hemodialysis.