Challenging Time Frame (Riyadh Water Supply)

WETICO prides itself through effective contribution in the execution of the latest challenging project launched by NWC to supply additional 200,000 m³ of water per day by the drill of 43 deep well and execution of water treatment plans in 27 sites scattered within Riyadh city.

The major components of the project include:

A)     Well drilling of 43 wells.

B)     Cooling towers to drop the temperature down to 30°C degree.

C)      Purification stages where water is treated through Reverse Osmosis technology as per the following summary of the  processes of the purification stages:

  1. Primary treatment through either Sand filters or Ultra filters.
  2. Desalination, through high pressure pumps and Reverse Osmosis membranes.
  3. Chemical mixing and injection to sterilize and adjust the water PH level.
  4. Attached system comprising of pumps and washing or rinsing instruments, compressors and air pumps.

D)     Water reservoirs this includes: underground and aboveground reservoirs varying from 2000 m³ up to 10,000 m³.

E)     Power stations to ensure continuous power supply.

F)      Remote control rooms (SCADA).


This video as entitled “Challenging Time Frame” illustrates the reason and various execution stages of the project.

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